4 Local Workouts You’ve Never Tried

Thursday, June 8, 2017

As the summer months sneak up, you might be thinking about new ways to get back in shape before your weekend beach trips or annual family vacation. No matter what your fitness goals may be, there's countless fun options in the comfort of Downtown New West to mix up your same old treadmill routine! 

1. Santosha Hot Yoga

There’s endless resources proving the benefits of Hot Yoga; the heat increases blood flow to your muscles, flushing toxins from your skin while toning and strengthening.

Come get your sweat on right across the street from Columbia Station! Santosha Hot Yoga offers lots of energizing classes daily under one membership- from Traditional Hot Yoga, to Barre Fitness or Warm Yin Mediation.


2. Boxing at Sugarrays

Boxing is a full body, 2-for-1 cardio and strength workout, plus a known confidence booster! Everyone needs to try it once. Sugarrays combines drop-in options with personal training, to create an authentic salute to the classic boxing club atmosphere.

Don’t be intimidated by the all-leather punching bags and professional ring- Sugarrays welcomes beginners and builds a foundation through footwork, so you’ll be a fighting pro in no time!


3. Outdoor Bootcamp at Fit on 6th

Made for those cool summer evenings, take it outside for a group workout class that uses every piece of equipment you can imagine: Spin bikes, Weights, Bosu's, steps, and more!

It’s the perfect session if you tend to feel unmotivated in a repetitive workout routine- you’ll be on to a totally new exercise before you even notice feeling tired! 


4. Pole classes at AVA Fitness

Did you know that pole dancing combines strength, endurance, and flexibility training into one fun activity? Awarded the BEST Pole Dance Studio in Western Canada, AVA Fitness offers beginner classes 4 days a week, so you’re sure to find a session convenient for you.

It feels super rewarding to measure constant improvement when learning new tricks; you’ll feel your core getting stronger every time you drop by!


What are you waiting for? Take your pick and go conquer this summer!

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