Leveling Up: A Geek’s Guide to DTNW

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Whether you identify as a geek or nerd, our interests have never been so widely accessible like it is now: everything from aliens to zombies is a part of popular culture worldwide, and that includes right here in Downtown New West!

So grab your adventuring gear and get ready, ‘cause we’re going on a quest for some downtown geeky havens!

Finding Epic Loot at Gamedeals, 407 Columbia St
Hours: 12–7

Geek's Guide - Gamedeals Video Games

Gamedeals is the local video game stop downtown: its perfect combo of friendly, knowledgeable staff and constant upkeep of retro and modern games makes this a must-see for collectors and old-school gamers.

Artist’s Alley at The Wylde Wood Collective, River Market
Hours: Sun-Th 10–6; Fri-Sat 10–7

Geek's Guide - The Wylde Wood Collective

The moment you walk up to the store, the Wylde Wood Collective displays beautifully-themed works of art: from fantasy art prints to steampunk accessories, the Collective’s members are driven to offer an ever-shifting unique selection of wares each season so that every visit is a brand-new experience!

Thinking Geeks at Fraser Discovery Centre788 Quayside Drive
Hours: 10–4

Geek's Guide - Fraser River Discovery Centre

What’s great about being a geek is that it can be educational and fun at the same time, and visiting Fraser Discovery Centre is no exception. A great time for geeks of all ages, the Centre is perfect for those willing to put their ‘Cap of Owl’s Wisdom +3’ on and learn more about the Fraser and its ecosystem!

Table Top Time with Board Game Warriors, 708 Clarkson Street
Hours: 11–7

Geek's Guide - Board Game Warriors

Kirby at Board Game Warriors is a one-man show, but you wouldn’t think it at first glance. The store is off the beaten path, but stacked wall-to-wall with options for weekly board game nights with your friends & family, plus a website for hosting casual events and looking up some rare board game finds.

Geeks Deserve Chic at B-Bombshell Salon, 708 Columbia Street
Hours: M 11–5; T 9–6; W-F 9–9; S 9–6; S 11–7

Geek's Guide - B-Bombshell Salon

It’s more important than ever in geek culture to feel welcome, and B-Bombshell is dedicated to offering customers high-quality styling products & services in an inclusive, relaxed space. You might be there for a stylish haircut, but between the friendly team and geeky décor, you’ll feel like you’re right at home.

Ding! ‘Grats, you leveled up! How about trying a higher difficulty and hunt for other geeky spots around downtown?

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