Canada Day Festivities

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

There are amazing places to celebrate Canada Day in the lower mainland, why not spend it in Downtown New West?

Canada Day Hyack Festival & Fireworks event will definitely be full of fun, highlights and people! Here are my tips for managing and enjoying this event with as little problems and more fun.

1. Make sure you get there EARLY!
Not only will you have a perfect spot of the fireworks but you also put yourself in a position where everything is accessible including the washrooms and water fountain stations. While everyone is scrambling to find a place, you have already settled in. Now all you gotta do is wait and relax.
2. Getting there!
Before actually getting there early, you have to consider your mode of transportation. Downtown New Westminster lacks space, especially for parking! It would be wise for you to take public transportation since the event is happening a few minutes walk from Columbia Skytrain station. If you do decide to drive, there are limited parking spaces in the quay. Getting there early and finding parking would not be a problem but it is leaving that will be. Whatever it is you decide upon, make sure you choose what’s right for you and your party. Also checkout Translink’s park and ride program to see the nearest available park and ride stations near you here.
3. Secure the food!

This will be a long day for you if you decided on committing to being early and having your spot ready. Downtown New West is definitely has a variety of cheap eats or eats to go located within just minutes walk from the quay! This is one way of doing it but if you wanna do it right, then you might as well plan your food and snacks for the day. Not only does this help save money but you don’t need to leave your spot in case some else steals it!
4. Stay Hydrated!
This might be a hot day so ensure that you have enough fluids to stay cool! There are many ice cold drinks and if you want to find one check this blog about drinks in the DT New West area. There are also water fountains located around the quay where you can refill and keep cool for this day.

Would you rather view the fireworks from a boat and enjoy a meal on a cruise? You can on the Paddlewheeler! Purchase your tickets before they sell out. In addition to the fireworks, you can get the party started with some karaoke fun at the Terminal Pub.


Have a Happy Canada Day!

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