Fall Vibes: 5 Can’t-Miss Chai Tea Lattes in DTNW

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Nothing says fall better than a warm cup of tea. While the PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) craze is real, there are actually tons of other options when it comes to fall drinks. Our favorite? Chai Tea Latte!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Chai, it's a rich black tea with indian spices and herbs. It is aromatic, it is spicy, and it brings instant warmth to this chilly weather. Check out some of the best spots in Downtown New West for a cup of this fall favorite!

Hive Cafe // 609 Front St

Hive cafe

This Chai Tea Latte (hot or iced) is perfect for those who want to spice up their day with its strong flavor. Pair it up with a baked good on Wednesday to get a 50% discount!

Old Crow Coffee Co. // 655 Front St

Old Crow

Old Crow takes the art of brewing Chai Tea to a whole 'nother level. Why? They make their own chai concentrate in-house! With whole ingredients, spices, ez sugar, and zero preservatives, this cup of chai is sure to leave any tea lover happy.

Hide Out Cafe // 716 Carnarvon St

Hide out

Mixing cinnamon steamed milk with chai tea, this Chai Fog is a must try. Have your camera ready, their gorgeous latte art is instagram-worthy! (Bonus point: they use stone-ground, organic, local chai tea blends.)

Great Wall Tea // 109 - River Market

Great Wall tea

This little fancy tea shop is a popular destination inside the River Market. They offer two kinds of Chai Tea: Cochin Masala, a caffeinated black tea with pepper and ginger, and Rooibos Organic, a caffeine-free, sweeter version of Chai with cinnamon and clove. They also steep the tea for 3 minutes before mixing it with milk to bring out the maximum flavor and aroma.

Bobacabana // 2012 Columbia St (Shops at New West)


Every year, without fail, Bobacabana offers delicious fall drinks like Chai-Maple Cider and Pumpkin Chai, all with their homemade fresh spices. Give it a try!

What’s your favorite fall drink? Share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and don't forget to hashtag #downtownnewwest!

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