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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Downtown New West’s award winning waterfront Westminster Pier Park provides the community an open space to relax, take a stroll, get active, and most importantly, have fun!

With the summer’s sunny weather taking over, the multiple sports facilities, playground, scenic boardwalk and naturalized planting make Westminster Pier Park the perfect place to channel your fun energy. Keep reading to find out things you can do to have fun at Westminster Pier Park.


Grab a couple of friends and organize a good ol’ pickup game under the backdrop of a scenic waterfront.



With two sandy beach volleyball courts and pre-installed volleyball nets, all you need is a ball to start up a game of volleyball with your best buds.


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Sun tan

Part of why Westminster Pier Park won so many awards is because of its innovative and open affordance architecture. Relax on one of these cool convertible benches to get bronzed for the summer.


Playground & Water Park

Let your kids frolic through Westminster Pier Park’s beautiful pre-school aged playground. Don’t forget about the spraying water feature!


Credit to: becca___does 


Come enjoy an evening of fun, laughter and yoga at Lila Summer Series: Free Yoga in the Park. This event will happen every Wednesday evening in July and August. See our event page for more details!


Have a picnic

With the open grass space, sandy beach and accessible picnic tables, Westminster Pier Park invites you to host a waterfront picnic with family or friends. Play some tunes, sit back and bask in the sun!


Bring your own equipment

Fun activities at Westminster Pier Park are not just limited by what the park provides. Feel free to bring your own equipment to have fun, such as: spike ball, bocce, lawn bowling or even lawn darts. The big open grass lawns make your fun only limited by your imagination!


Learn some New West History

Did you know that the heart of New West’s city life was at the big timber structure known as Lytton Square? Learn more about New West history at the seat wall right next to Eats at the Pier; you won’t miss the ensemble of 122 historical photos.

Fun Tip:

You can sign out volleyballs, basketballs, soccer balls, and beach sun umbrellas for FREE at the concession stand, Eats at the Pier.


See what we're up to on our events calendar! #downtownnewwest

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