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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Curious about the views you'll get at these Downtown New West patios? Keep reading!

It’s patio season whether the sun’s shining or the clouds are nearby.

Angelina’s Dutch Corner

1 - Angelina's Dutch Corner

With a beautiful view of Fraser River and surrounding greenery, the patio at Angelina’s Dutch Corner is perfect for brunch or lunch!

Cockney Kings Fish and Chips

2 - Cockney Kings Fish and Chips

Keeping it cozy but still socially distant, the patio at Cockney Kings Fish and Chips allows you to enjoy your meal comfortably!

Kelly O'Bryan's Restaurant & Carlos O'Bryan's Pub

3 - Kelly and Carlos O'bryans

Right at Hyack Square, you can admire the amazing architecture of the Anvil Centre while enjoying your meal at Kelly and Carlos O’Bryan’s restaurant patio.

Craft Cafe

4 - Craft Cafe

Offering a different angle of the Fraser River, Craft Cafe’s patio is the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee or your lunch. 

Met Bar & Grill 

5 - the Met

Located at one of the oldest and most chic buildings of Downtown New West, the Met Bar & Grill patio is not known to many. Full of greenery and flora, you'll be bound to enjoy a meal in the secret garden.

Looking for patio hours? Visit here for details. 

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