Tiger Sugar

Tigersugar is an international dessert chain brand originated in Taiwan. Their intention is to let the world taste the best flavor of Taiwan boba pearl milk tea through taste and vision. Tigersugar believes that desserts are the most relaxing, healing and relaxing food.

The world's first "drink" dessert, Taiwan boba pearl milk tea visual drink "sugar" is the core element of dessert. With the global trend of healthy living, delicious food is "more nutritious, healthier and less burdensome". Black Sugar is not only the flavor of ancient Taiwan miss, but also rich in minerals and vitamins and other nutrients. With a unique aroma, it is an unforgettable taste of Taiwan. In addition to the unique taste, the combination of aesthetic feeling and healing vision tiger pattern can make people relax while drinking, as if there is a magic, attract people again and again, again and again to taste.

Located in Anvil Centre.

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